I wrote this piece a couple years ago and have been performing it across the country to various audiences as a soloist and with my troupe, All The Kings Men.  The best audience I ever had was at "If You Can Feel It You Can Speak It", an open mike at the Milky Way (still going on monthly)...  The original host, Jha D is brilliant, and D Ruff who's keeping the show happening these days, is equally electric as a performer and warm as a host.  Check them out – this is not a suggestion.


The Mayans have spoken.
God is on His way
In a private jet
Bought with his year-end bonus
Which rivals the sum amount I’ve made in a lifetime of work.
I sure hope that great big C.E.O. in the sky
Doesn’t forget a face
‘Cause at the pearly gates
My mortgage has foreclosed
And I’m banking on some kind of handout from him.

But back in the U.S.
It’s 9am and I’m hungry.
Breakfast time.
Pick a line.
Stare at the floor,
Thoughts roam,
I explore…
An Inventory:

1.  Corpulent Corpses saluting the stiff shaft of war.
Shove that tip in harder,
Ooh, Baby, I wanna feel you shoot right in…
I choke on your mettle, Liberty –
That’s M.E.T.T.L.E. –
Honorable character my ass.
Since when did peace equate a serious need for Viagra
And Trigger Finger start smelling like one pussy too many?

2.  Hussain.
I’m sick of your name.
Like I’m sick of the blame we put on it.
Just to terrorize
YOU bad guys,
In lieu of fixing the problem.
Saddam my face, Foreign Policy –
Obama will show you what a cunning linguist is good for.

3.  2, Darfur, 6, 8,
Hold your breath while they castrate
Millions of fucking Women, Bitches.
AIDS, rape, third world red tape,
And we administrate
Rather than act.
Are you aware?
Do you even care?
That we are all implicit,
And explicitly responsible
For the things we can do to stop?

4.  STOP!
How do you sleep
'Magnetic Yellow Ribbon'
On your S.U.V.,
City driving gas guzzler?
You’re a fucking problem.
Low blow?
Yes or no:
Do you change your behavior to reflect
The realization this is all connected
To your frat-ass consumption?

5.  If you find these words too abrupt,
Sit up!
Look around and think,
Wipe the stink of swallowing it
Off of you.
A serious question to be contemplating America:
What kind of fucked up, shithole, mother-sucking, whore-of-a-rating
Would you give
So-called “Civilization”
Built off of war plagued nations
Especially with consideration
For the private sector
Leading to a complete
Hipocratization of:




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