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This email from got me thinking about how to successfully transition from "someone with a dayjob who likes the arts" into "an artist with a dayjob", and then hopefully one day just "an artist"... thought I'd share:


Hey Performer Friends!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've seen either one of you. I miss you both as friends and awesome collaborators. I've been in chicago for a year now, and looks like I'll be here for at least a few years longer. As I'm settling here, I'm really torn about how I want to go about as an artist. Actually that's not true. The problem is this: I want to be creating art and working on my art 100% of the time, and not working somewhere else. I'm acting in shows in the city, but the paycheck isn't huge so I have a lot of daytime to be filled. 

The two of you have been consistently working artists that I admire, have incredible integrity and are just crazy awesome and talented. If you have any advice about how to go about making my art a full time gig, I would so so so appreciate it. I'm especially interested in your experience working and performing at colleges etc. 

Sending so much love to the both of you. 
-Awesome Old Friend


My response:
Goooood Luuuuuccccckkkk!!!!!

I still haven't figured that one out completely.  BUT, I do feel as though I get closer as time passes...
Here's what I would say, (though I'm sure you already know all of it being a rocking person of epic talent yourself):

~ Teach
~ SAY YES to performance opportunities...  If you can do something you would like to do, do it
~ Ask for what you need from the community, and give back what you can
~ Find auditions that are meaningful to you, and tell friends who cast to call you for auditions
~ Be an awesome, PROFESSIONAL, great-at-what-you-do person around town
~ Work with people in communities other than your own (cross-polinate with other types of artists)
~ HAVE GOALS and go after them
~ Be a workaholic
~ Take challenges seriously (and give them when appropriate)
~ Be seriously good at being seriously poor
~ Brainstorm when you feel the most desperate about what the best possible solution to your problem could be
~ Don't forget the point is to be 100% an artist type - meaning when you think you need another day job, figure out how to get monies by making art instead of gaining random craigslist day-job employment...
~ DARE your other artist friends to create with you, and then FOLLOW THROUGH
~ Do free shows, but always ask about pay if it isn't mentioned up front (someday you'll do less free shows - and/or more paid ones)
~ PRODUCE if you have the stomach for it - DON'T if you don't
~ Socialize, show up to other people's events/parties/outings and let people know you're always available to play/collaborate/make new ideas come to life...

I don't think there's a real solution other than the one you find for yourself - pieced together over time...  You can!  You can you can you can...

Love your face!  Luck and Love,

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