recognizes me.  After performances I often have the experience of standing next to my fellow performers, not being given a second glance as everyone chats away about the show and how good so and so was.  More than once I've been standing there as my fellow performer is asked "who did that ____ number?", only to be turned to and told "Karin did!".  This is generally met with a confused look and awkward smile as they tell me how much they enjoyed the piece.  Demoralizing at times?  Yes.  Secretly a compliment?  Maybe.

Understandable in my professional reality; it also occurs in real life.  My un-costumed existence thwarts familiarity as well (though in full disclosure, being horrible at remembering names, I sometimes use this to advantage and allow people to introduce themselves multiple times)...  Today is the first time a new friend has written me anticipating this reality, so I am breaking the rules and publishing this sweet note I received this morning from someone else.  It tickles me, enjoy!

Hi Karin,

Given that you're such a protean creature, would you mind looking for me at Saloon rather than the other way around? I plan to get there a bit early and seat myself at the bar. I'm mainly thinking of saving us a little awkwardness if you've taken a form different than the one I met at the party and I fail to recognize you right away. Thanks and looking forward to talking with you more.

Your New Very Honest Friend

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    I write.  I perform much of what I write.  Often I am asked about this or that piece.  So, due to popular demand, I'll post some of what I have written, some of what I perform right here.  I will also post thoughts and ideas that come my way...  I hope you enjoy it; if you're one of the people who has approached me post-show, thank you for your interest in my words...


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