My intent is to share something with you...  A thought, a word or two, research, an image - something that tickles me, or that I stub my toe on in passing.

My goal is to put myself out there.  (this is not easy)

My longing to connect and play - to dance through ideas with you, and to find home and space at the end of the day, to take rest knowing something has happened that meant I was alive and in the company of my peers and people who make sense and love in easy, natural, splendid ways - this longing is magnificent.  maddening.  I perseverate nightly on the need to make good.  I fear more than anything the blanket, "Chaos", covering my head in doubt that there is meaning at all in this act of living...

But here I am.  Sounding out!  Cave, my madness, I bellow and wail in visceral freedom and joy!  I send echo and energy out to reach for the vast something out there I can only describe as

Free to Dream; Bound to Act,